Maximize Your Messaging with Virtual Event Software

In today’s business world, people expect to be able to view and consume corporate information and updates at their convenience, when it suits their schedule. With the flexibility of virtual event software, you can host, broadcast and record important content without ever leaving your office or home with one of the GlobaMeet® event products.

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What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are hosted over the web and can take on a lot of different forms. You can choose to host a webinar or webcast, share video and multimedia or just host a managed, operator-led audio only call. With online conferencing services, you can even add-on video production services or operator support to manage your events from start to finish.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events

There are so many ways to incorporate virtual events into your business operations and the benefits speak for themselves.

  1. Skip the Trip

    Virtual event software can help save time and extend your reach while increasing overall ROI.

  2. Reach More People

    Reduce friction and improve communication with people all over the world.

  3. Build Awareness

    Create awareness around your brand and important initiatives with branded events.

  4. Reuse Your Content

    Record virtual events to be used for simulated live or on-demand viewings.


Virtual Event Preperation

How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Preparation is key. First you want to make sure your messaging is clear and concise, and don’t forget to create engaging visuals to help illustrate your key points. Once you’ve perfected your messaging, it’s time to publicize the event. You’ll want to create an email campaign a few weeks prior to your event to maximize attendance. The day of the event, put your preparation to the test. Make sure you run your event based on the agenda and content you prepared and you are guaranteed to host a successful virtual event.

When You Can't Be In-Person, Host Virtual Events

Planning in-person events can be challenging with event logistics, travel details and of course space limitations. With a virtual event software, you can share your message with more people without all the complications of planning in-person events. You can also use virtual event software to live stream your in-person events to broadcast your message to a wider audience.

Professional Conferencing Services

Stop worrying about hosting large virtual events with fully-managed conferencing services. Let experienced operators and production personnel manage your events, so that you can focus on quality content.


In-Person, Live Streaming

Broadcast HD audio and video live to your attendees. Provide real-time content, answer questions, engage on social media and poll your audience during live-streamed events. By live streaming virtual events, you can share your message exactly when it’s needed most.


Why Virtual Events are the Answer

Build your digital presence with virtual event software. Small businesses to FortuneTM 500 companies can benefit from hosting online events. Regardless of what type of event you choose to host, online conferencing services can help improve your ROI while providing a better experience for attendees.

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  • Brand Awareness
  • リードジェネレーション
  • Certifications
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Small Businesses

  • Sales Events
  • 製品発表
  • Public Relations
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  • Town Hall Events
  • 投資家との交渉
  • Corporate Announcements
PGi HR Solutions


  • Interviews
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Corporate Training
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Get Started with GlobalMeet Virtual Event Software

GlobalMeet events has everything you need to start hosting virtual events today. Whether you’re looking for self-service options or a fully managed experience, the GlobalMeet events suite has you covered.

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Creating webinars couldn't be easier with robust, self-service functionality. Get started hosting virtual events today with GlobalMeet Webinar.

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When high-profile events are on the line, businesses choose GlobalMeet Webcast to broadcast their messaging to thousands.

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Take your virtual events to the next level with GlobalMeet Operator Assist for a fully managed, professional event experience.

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