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Carbon Footprint Series Part 1: Impact on Driving

Concerns over the environment and the impact human beings have on it—individually and as businesses—grow steadily and have become increasingly complex. It often seems that the more information we have on environmental issues, the less we understand them. Each environmental demand put on the planet is measured in terms of its carbon footprint, defined by the UK Carbon Trust as …

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Dog Bless You: Leading with Compassion at SXSW 2011

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last week, the country’s devastation instantly vaulted to the forefront of Austin’s SXSW interactive conference. Developers, bloggers, tech gurus and philanthropists all united to spread the word and their generosity to aid Japan during this time of need. Sean O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Communications at PGi had the opportunity to …

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Exploring the World with iMeet

After our “One World, One Room” meeting, the PGi team felt exhilarated. The very fact that we had shared in the experience of connecting colleagues, coworkers and friends all around the world, representing every continent, left us thrilled. We felt like explorers spreading the power of iMeet. And news travels fast. The iMeet experience has now reached reviewer Aliza Sherman …

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Telecommuting During the Snowpocalypse

In recent weeks, icy storms have swept the country. Dallas, Texas, felt colder than Anchorage, Alaska, last week, allowing many southerners to discover the art of building a snowman. Both private and public transportation can easily be impaired during winter storms; worse, drivers often learn the hard way how dangerous it is to drive on icy roads. However, weather difficulties …

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Work from Anywhere: Because I Want to Help My Employer, the Economy and the Environment

According to a report from the Council of Economic Advisers ‚Äî Work-Life Balance and the Economics of Workplace Flexibility (PDF) ‚Äî published in March 2010, many companies overlook the benefits of implementing flexible workplace policies for their employees. Flexible workplace arrangements can include job sharing, phased retirement of older workers, and telecommuting. These practices allow workers to continue making productive …

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