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Carbon Footprint Series Part 3: Telecommuting

People have begun to see the impact telecommuting can make on our overall carbon footprint and are realizing that working from home can help the planet. Because telecommuting reduces carbon fuel consumption, air pollution and traffic congestion by decreasing the number of cars on the road, environmentalists strongly recommend this simple, effective solution. According to a survey commissioned by the …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 1: Impact on Driving

Concerns over the environment and the impact human beings have on it—individually and as businesses—grow steadily and have become increasingly complex. It often seems that the more information we have on environmental issues, the less we understand them. Each environmental demand put on the planet is measured in terms of its carbon footprint, defined by the UK Carbon Trust as …

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SXSW 2011 – Keeping People Connected

Jumping from panel to panel and party to party, it was so exciting to be a part of SXSW® 2011. Loads of creativity, brainpower and technology thrived while thousands of festival goers took to the streets, the Convention Center, meeting rooms and nearly every nook and cranny of downtown Austin. When reflecting on SXSW and everything that happened over the …

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Not Your Average Conference Call

It goes without saying at PGi we host a lot of meetings. A. Lot. Of. Meetings. In fact, we’ve been the technology behind nearly half a billion meetings in the last five years. The fearless blog team, which includes some superstars in our Care organization, started talking about some of the wacky calls that have taken place over the years. …

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To Go Green, the U.S. Government Will Expand Use of Web Conferencing

In a July 26th article about teleworking on FederalTimes.com, it was noted that the U.S. government was pledging to cut green house gas emission caused by their workers by 13% before the end of 2020. A couple methods they plan to use is encouraging workers to telework more and taking advantage of online meeting technologies. Tim Kauffman states that “to …

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On the Road Again: Tips and Tricks while Conferencing on the Road

All of us have at one point in our careers had to join a meeting while on the road. Whether it is en route to the airport or on the way to a doctor’s office, juggling phones and call-in numbers while conferencing can certainly be a challenge. We decided to ask some of PGi’s key customer “road warriors” what tricks …

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