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The True Cost of Inefficient Communication

Even highly productive people end up wasting some time while they’re at work. We’re talking about inefficient communication. This includes excessive email back-and-forth, using too many communication apps, and the lack of full collaboration due to inadequate communication tools.

Several major research studies have profiled the largely preventable cost of inefficient communication, most notably the business intelligence firm SIS International Research. As a summary of the takeaways, here’s what poor use of communication tools could realistically be costing your company.

Is Inefficient Communication Costing Your Business $524,569 Annually?

After studying knowledge workers across eight industries in eight different countries, SIS found that the average SMB employee wastes 17.5 hours per week on communications barriers and latency. 40% of the work week lost due to these inefficiencies.

The researchers studied respondents who reported experiencing preventable communications pain related to inadequate communications tools, including:

  • Tool-based barriers to collaboration: Each respondent wasted 165 hours per year ($6,105) “attempting to address issues of inaccessibility, or other communication-tool based lack of full collaboration with colleagues.”
  • Waiting for information: Each respondent wasted 175 hours per year ($6,475) “waiting for information from others that they have attempted to reach live multiple times using multiple methods.”
  • Inefficient coordination: Each respondent wasted 185 hours per year ($6,845) “attempting to coordinate communications between team members.”

For a medium-sized business with 100 employees, the estimated cost is $524,569 per year—and that’s assuming only 20% of those employees actually experience these problems! If 50% of your employees experience these barriers, the cost quickly climbs to more than a million dollars.

Prevent This

The truly mind-boggling thing about all this research is that, by and large, these costs are easy to prevent. Moving to unified communications as a service (UCaaS)—an all-in-one communications platform—dramatically reduces communications pain. Here’s how:

We see companies conquering these barriers every single day, saving thousands of hours in wasted communications time using GlobalMeet.

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