PGi AdvantEDGE Customer Success Program

PGi AdvantEDGE is a customer success program that offers the support you need to ensure a smooth transition to our collaboration products, services and solutions. AdvantEDGE is designed to guide you through the transition period to increase user adoption rates and ensure maximum ROI.

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Your Success is Our Priority

  • Adoption rates climb to nearly 80% vs. 14% for typical software companies, providing our customers great ROI
  • Training and Adoption Programs drive a 5X increase in tool usage, which drives a better customer experience
  • 100% of customers implemented by the PGi AdvantEDGE team are “Very Satisfied” with their experience
  • 97% of customers cite Training and Adoption Programs as key implementation success factors

Phase 1: Engage

The first step is to engage your team. Throughout this discovery and planning process, PGi will work with you to:

  • Identify and engage with your most important stakeholders
  • Identify implementation scope and business requirements
  • Conduct a full technical assessment to ensure your PGi solutions will perform with the highest quality
  • Determine high-level use case and applications in order to develop migration, communication and adoption strategies
  • Schedule regular project team meetings; keeping all parties aligned on implementation progress and achievement of deliverables

Phase 2: Design

Now, you’re on your way to success! PGi will transform your initial requirements into an actionable strategy

  • Create a detailed implementation strategy and project plan
  • Develop successful training, communication and adoption programs based on your how end users  users learn best and  how they will plan to use the PGi solution
  • Configure accounts and billing structure based on end user and customer business needs
  • Confirm strategy assumptions, use cases and applications by launching Phase 1

Phase 3: Guide

You’re almost there… PGi’s team of experts will manage and execute every aspect of your communications and training programs:

  • Execute your validated implementation plan, keep track of timelines and upcoming deliverables
  • Launch your comprehensive communication plan by sending proactive messages, like training notices and account activation
  • Provide users with account information and access to trainings
  • Ensure that end users understand the benefits of solutions or services, and have access to resources to help with the transition

Phase 4: Educate

You’ve made it to the finish line! PGi will make sure that you have the proper education and support for success:

  • Deliver live and on-demand training in conjunction with Quick Start Guides and tutorials
  • Drive ongoing user adoption campaigns to remind users who haven’t started using PGi’s solutions or services yet
  • Communicate the benefits of using software tool and apps, and reinforce training resources
  • Analyze adoption, measure ROI and deactivate prior services
  • Continued usage and behavior-based communications

PGiは75%のFortune 100企業に信頼されています。

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